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Menage a Pod on How Was Your Week, Honey?

May 26, 2020

Today marks one year since Matt hung out with the Maiers in New York City and it was supposed to be an in-person podcast recording but they went and closed the US-Canadian border! Matt catches up with the Maiers, talks home schooling and quarantine struggles, go over what we WOULD have done this weekend and more!


Matt goes 'Around the World' on Our Liner Notes

May 25, 2020

Matt is back on mic with Chris from Our Liner Notes as they each bring artists from Sweden, German, France, Scotland and Australia - all the while sharing stories and tidbits from each country and band.

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Our Liner Notes
Episode 117 - Around the World

Matt joins 'Podcast without Bounds' for their first episode!

May 18, 2020

Considering how much of a pod-whore Matt is, it's not surprise that he's now horning in on brand new podcasts shows.  This week he had the privilege of joining Dave Maier - the nicest guy in podcasting - to help him launch his new show - Podcast without Bounds.

They discuss a broad array of topics including: Dave's move...

Wrapping up U2

May 1, 2020

Matt joins Our Liner Notes as they wrap up their series on U2's career with part 3 which covers the later years for the band (1994-today). Topics include some hit and miss albums, an appreciation for all U2 has brought musically and if they should fade away or give it one more go.

A huge thank you to Chris and Kristin...

U2, Round 2 on Our Liner Notes

Apr 24, 2020

Matt is back on Our Liner Notes for part 2 in their series on the career of U2.  This time Matt takes the lead as they review the middle of their catalogue (1985-93) when they were at the height of their powers. Topics include the huge success of Joshua Tree, testing out American Blues and further transformations all...