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Matt joins 'Podcast without Bounds' for their first episode!

May 18, 2020

Considering how much of a pod-whore Matt is, it's not surprise that he's now horning in on brand new podcasts shows.  This week he had the privilege of joining Dave Maier - the nicest guy in podcasting - to help him launch his new show - Podcast without Bounds.

They discuss a broad array of topics including: Dave's move...

May 13, 2020

Being cooped up in our homes presents new challenges and new opportunities when it comes to sexual activity.  Are you having more or less sex with your partner?  How about alone time?  We discuss how the pandemic is affecting our sex lives.

In 'Take It From Us', we help a listener handle a tricky situation with a sexual...

May 6, 2020

How important is proper grammar when communicating? Does the message being conveyed get interrupted by this? We discuss our nitpicky nature when it comes to English and if you should or shouldn't correct people when they make mistakes.

'Take It From Us' offers guidance to a listener looking to share some rather private...

Wrapping up U2

May 1, 2020

Matt joins Our Liner Notes as they wrap up their series on U2's career with part 3 which covers the later years for the band (1994-today). Topics include some hit and miss albums, an appreciation for all U2 has brought musically and if they should fade away or give it one more go.

A huge thank you to Chris and Kristin...

Apr 29, 2020

Most country and state borders are centuries in the making so we pose the question - should they remain as is? Many people want to alter them - should we? What’s up with Idaho?

'Take It From Us' sparks a rather rash reaction from Neil on how to deal with your couples podcast co-host.

Intro/Outro - "No Holds Barred"...