Episode 235: Bone fire

Guest host: Annaleis from Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks

  • Tinkle Belle giveaway ends this week (04:19)
  • Do people still bob for apples? (09:09)
  • Halloween fun facts (11:09)
    – Trick-or-Treat candy preferences (15:15)
    – Druids doing bad things (24:02)
  • A Caribbean tangent including Billy Ocean and Eddy Grant (32:29)
  • Memorable Halloween moments (36:38)
    – I’m NOT dressed as John Travolta! (37:23)
    – Casing houses for home decor (40:02)
    – Pumpkin abuse (45:00)
    – Election fright night (50:46)
    – Bishop defends Bo Derek’s honor (53:11)

Intro/Outro – “A Little Bit of Heat” by Cha Nwabara

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