Episode 224: All power, no finesse

Guest host: Annaleis from Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks

  • All things Portland (02:58)
  • Sports in our youth (32:31)\
  • Wanna rent a middle-aged man? (46:18)
  • Bluetooth mind reader (60:09)
  • I wanna have a ghost baby (69:38)
  • Star Wars talk again? (79:33)
  • Questions from Neil (96:49)

Outro – “Eye of the Tiger” (1982) by Survivor

Find us on twitter at @ReasonsAre. You can find Neil on twitter at @AngelsFreak7.  You can find Annaleis on Twitter at @wiretechgirl, her podcast and vlog at DarkAngelsAndPrettyFreaks.com.

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