Episode 206: Juices flowing, tingles going

  • Neil continues to ride Matt about his dad (00:13)
  • Popdate includes trouble at the bank (02:58)
  • Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks was live this week – should we try that? (10:22)
  • Careful what you name your podcast episode (17:05)
  • We really, really sucked balls at the NCAA Tournament Challenge (19:46)
  • There is hope for us finance rec league hockey guys (20:57)
  • Nascara Minute – cut your nails! (29:50)
  • Grown men wearing sports jerseys (35:16)
  • Songs you connect with a team or sporting event (37:32)

Outro – “Bust a Bucket” (1992) by the Portland Trailblazers ft Dan Reed

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