Episode 176: DNA testing – spoiler alert!

  • Reasons Are Several – the Body Issue? (00:36)
  • Matt’s travel planning and Airbnb’s scrotum logo (02:12)
  • Running of the Bulls (03:42)
  • Nascar Minute (09:55)
  • Soccer Genomics and DNA testing (16:28)
  • June movie reviews (28:00)
    – Transformers: The Last Knight; Rough Night; The Mummy; The Little Hours; Cars 3; The House; The Big Sick; Once Upon a Time in Venice; Baby Driver; Dean; All Eyez on Me

Outro – “Flava in Ya Ear” (1994) by Craig Mack

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  1. anngora

    • oh no I’m ruined for airbnb now
    • my grandparents had a bidet and as a kid and adult I was terrified of it. (They’re Puerto Rican and lived on PR)
    •Genetics only takes people so far, or not far at all if they have some other lazy gene they use more.
    • I’m already south on health. I’m taking a DNA test. I’m sure I will be able to deal with it as I had a breast tissue sample taken in my early 20’s that says I’m more prone to breast cancer. I’m not freaking out about it, just try and do my exams regularly.
    • I’m excited to see the Big Sick. Baby Driver looks like empty eye candy but
    I wanna see it.

    • reasonsareseveral

      Thanks for listening! I can understand being terrified by a bidet – I’m not even sure how they work to be honest. 🙂

      Good points on the genetics and DNA front. Trust me, it’s tempting but also a bit scary to think what they might say.

      p.s. Sorry to ruin the Airbnb logo for you. 🙂

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