Episode 110: Saying bye to Phife Dawg

  • We say goodbye to Phife Dawg (00:33)
    – Our thoughts on Tribe and their catalogue (05:45)
    – Favorite Phife tracks and rhymes (18:46)
  • We say goodbye to Garry Shandling (30:51)
  • NCAA Tournament thoughts (35:11)
  • D’Angelo Russell breaks the “guy code” and gets major backlash (52:26)
  • TAY – the bigoted, hate-filled AI bot from Microsoft (57:36)
  • A new, rather interesting choice of beer flavor (63:56)
  • Be careful when shooting at explosives (67:50)
  • The Descendants made Matt cry; The Martian didn’t do much for Scott (72:40)
  • Matt went on the Diamond Dave Show to chat with Parviz from Clammr (78:10)

Intro – “Buggin’ Out” (1991) by A Tribe Called Quest
Outro – “Scenario” (1991) by A Tribe Called Quest

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